Are you looking for a professional, Christian counselor for free, short-term, counseling, guidance, advice or direction?

This counseling ministry is available to any Christian person age 16+. The counseling is offered in three ways: (1) In Person (CT); (2) Through the exchange of e-mails; (3) By telephone; or (4) chat.

           To maintain confidentiality and your privacy, all that is initially needed is your first name, your age, and a brief statement of why you desire counseling and what problems, issues, needs or goals you want to pursue.
           If this is what you would like, simply send an e-mail with your concerns or issues and the Dr Bill will respond to you shortly. Please address it as "Counseling".

So, pull up a chair and let's talk for awhile!

Dr Bill Consiglio MSW DMin

It might be helpful if you include any of the following from this Counseling Questionnaire which you think may be important for me to know.

Mail me at:

And remember, We know that all things work together for good for the one who loves God and is called according to His purposes. Romans 8:28